Kowloon Single Cylinder Diesel Engine & Spare Parts

تشانجتشاي, تشانجفا, مدينة, Emei
تشانجتونج, كاما, القديم, اميك
ليدونج, تايشان

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Kowloon Multi Cylinder Diesel Engine & Spare Parts

Wechai, كوتشي,يوني, يانجتشاي
Yangdong Yuchai, شانجتشاي,إكسينتشاي
زكي,Quanchai Changchai,مدينة

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Kowloon Single Cylinder Gasoline Engine & Spare Parts


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Kowloon Tractor

فوتون, Lovol
جون ديري

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All the products in Kowloon company with high quality and standard and reasonable price.

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لدينا فريق جيد, المهندسين, المصممين,مشرف مراقبة الجودة.

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Our products are exported to Indonesia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, Russia, Ukraine, Serbia, Bangladesh, باكستان, Nigeria etc

1What is our business scope?
We are deal with diesel engine, gasoline engine, مولد, tractor, and spare parts for those products.

2ما هي مزايا منتجاتنا?
A.Advanced Technology; B. Long Performance Life; C. جودة عالية; D. Reasonable Price.
3كيف يمكن أن احصل على بعض العينات, can your company do OEM?
It is our honor to offer you samples. You are expected to pay the courier cost, العينات مجانية لك. The freight fee will be deducted from the payment from the following formal order. نعم, we could do OEM products.